Monday, May 18, 2009


Natalie is two months old; next thing I know she'll be asking for car keys! I was anxious to get her stats since I had a feeling there would be less judgment from the doctor about her growth rate than I ever experienced with Wyatt. Sure enough, at 11 lbs, 1 oz. and 22.5 inches long, she's in the 50-75%ile for height and weight. But because she is her father's daughter, her head circumfrence puts her in the 25-50%ile. Funny.


Wyatt is tantruming ALL THE TIME to the point that we have had sit down discussions about how to handle this evil behavior and I am beyond worn out. Luckily, the columnist/psychologist/author John Rosemond spoke at a church here yesterday and Jeff & I were able to go. Best sitter money we've spent for a while and, though not all of his tips/thoughts/practices may sit well with others or fully work for us, we're on board for some more common sense parenting. Look out kiddo, Mommy is feeling reinvigorated.


I had a dream that I was eating late night curry with Adam Lambert from American Idol. Unfortunate since I don't even like Adam's music and have been fast-forwarding through his performances; we had nothing to talk about.


Wyatt has started requesting that I not move my eyebrows when I speak to him. Easier said than done.


Natalie slept through the night the first two nights Jeff was home from his trip and had volunteered to take the 4am feed, thereby letting him off the hook. Of course last night, on my watch, she needed that early morning sustenance. Figures.


We're flying to Kansas today. It's our first trip as a family of four and I'm feeling a little worried about the fact that Wyatt has already chosen to wet his pants once this morning. The upside? Daddy will be there to deal with it. And at least the airline was smart enough to book us all in the same row. We'll keep our circus to ourselves.


The Thomas Crew said...

Y'all have fun on your trip!

Wish we could come see you again if you had the time, but there's so much going on here during the last week of school. :)

The Blake Family said...

Hope all goes/went well on that trip. Yeah...changing underwear on a train/plane is more interesting than changing a diaper...but, we figured it out. I'm sure Wyatt will do great!