Monday, August 03, 2009

Well Hello, Monday

Today is Natalie's follow-up appointment at the hospital. It will involve ultrasounds and a cath and x-rays. I'm not really looking forward to it except that at least this time Jeff will be with me.

Or would have been, if Wyatt hadn't gotten sick. I swear we're clean people. Why are the little people in this house making me feel otherwise? So instead of Wyatt staying home with our favorite sitter while we go to Natalie's appointment (and then maybe to the tile store because that's hard to squeeze in without kids and we've learned that Wyatt + tile store = inner circle of hell), Jeff will be coming home so I can go it alone while they poke and prod at my baby some more. Awesome.

And Wyatt? Well, he's had a fever off and on for a couple of days, randomly complaining of a stomachache but otherwise acting fine. Then he had to toss his cookies last night, get miserable and require me to sleep on his floor, waking every hour or so with some general malaise and misery. And he seems to also have croup. Super awesome.

To steal a line from a friend, Monday isn't here to get me down, just to keep me on my toes. If I say that enough, perhaps I'll buy it. Bring on the coffee!


The Blake Family said...

Oh, Stephanie...I do wish we had been there to help with all of this. I'm just now catching up on reading blogs, and am so saddened by what you have been through (well, you and Natalie...and Wyatt and Jeff). I've never had a blue baby and so I cannot even begin to imagine the terror that went through you. I can sympathize with the "wires and tubes on your baby" bit and I am so sorry that you had to go through that with Natalie. I hope that she is better ... much better ... now and that the test results show nothing but a healthy baby girl. We miss you all! - Kristin

kristen said...

Hey Steph I hope all went well yesterday! Wish we were closer to help with the crazy days you had to go through. I am so glad that all turned out well and pray that it won't happen again. Keep us posted. Also hope Wyatt's bug is gone too and not passed to anyone else :)
Love ya Kristen