Wednesday, August 05, 2009


So, thanks everyone for the well-wishes for my kids. They worked, more or less. Natalie has no issues that should cause further UTIs so we're glad to have that behind us, even though it doesn't exactly explain what happened. We'll chalk it up to random weirdness. Wyatt, indeed, has croup and ended up at urgent care on Monday afternoon. It was largely the same staff that helped with Natalie and they were all, "oh hey! how are you? how's your little girl?" which was kind of funny and also made me feel like we're there a little too often. On our drive down there, Wyatt was saying, "hey Mommy, I think, I think, I think, Mommy..." and I said, "what Wyatt? Use your words" and he said, "hey Mommy, I think the doctors will think you're pretty." So there's that.

Now we're dealing with croupy croupness from Wyatt, who will not take the flavored prednisone prescribed to him. I mean, I'll agree, it tastes awful. However, he coughs like crazy when not taking it. It's a sticking point (read: stand-off waiting to happen) so I think we're just wasting that prescription. I don't really know what else to do because I can't find a way to mask it in any other food or drink. It's really strong. And while croup technically infects the vocal chords, it apparently also can infect attitudes. He's a belligerent mess. So we're working through that and might need to restock on our two-buck Chuck. Don't worry, there's no drinking while on duty, but when the littles are in bed, Mommy might be ready for a glass or three.

In happier news, we went to the beach over the weekend for the first time since we've lived here. Wyatt had a great time building sandcastles and digging through the sand with his fingers. Despite my best efforts, I could not get him interested in collecting shells. Whose kid is this? Everyone knows you're supposed to collect a bunch of random shells and then hold onto them for some odd reason until you finally, years later, realize they're just some random shells. I'll keep working on him. And if he won't buy in, there's always Natalie. Anyway, it made me realize that we should do that more often and that I'm a total beach snob who's looking forward to a trip to the in-laws' beautiful shore in a few months. You know, because I like to see my feet when I step into the water.

And I have to say, I'm really glad I looked at these pictures today because it was a rough lunch hour here and these just remind me how very lucky I am to have such spirited little people in my life.


Susan said...

Try putting the Prednisone in the fridge if you haven't already. It seems to make it less offensive. And, we've discovered that T does not fight about taking it if I dose it up in the syringe, get a cup of milk ready and then let HIM put it in his mouth. Something about being in charge of dispensing your own nasty tasting medicine makes it easier to swallow at our house. When the boys were both on it a couple of weeks ago Andrew pronounced it "really very strange and weird tasting."

The Blake Family said...

Glad to hear that your babies are doing better and have the right meds to help the continue getting better. Great pics from the beach!