Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring

I've always been a fan of experiencing weather phenomenon unique to our various locations. You know, ice storms in Little Rock and Enid, hurricane in Florida, typhoons in Okinawa. Now we're getting a "classic" nor'easter here in Virginia. It's a good storm and much a like a thunderstorm except that it's lasting for days and causing lots of tidal/coastal flooding. It seems like even the lakes in our neighborhood might end up well above their normal shores.

Anyway, I always like to learn from these experiences. My takeaway from Little Rock was that they are greatly unable to drive on slick surfaces and will clean grocery stores out of every shred of 'staple' foods in anticipation of inclement weather. In Enid I learned that it is no fun to lose power but that when you do, even dogs get cold and need coats. In Florida I learned nothing from the hurricane (I was out of town for work already) except that my husband is stubborn and chose to ride out the storm even after he promised me he'd leave. And in Okinawa I discovered that if American coastal areas would build even half as wisely as Okinawans, there wouldn't be a massive fear of hurricanes. Oh, and that sideways wind does really strange things but doesn't take down buildings. So, in case you never get to experience a nor'easter, here's my list of lessons learned so far:

1. Bonus days! Jeff gets to "stay home" because the base is remarkably low-lying. Like there might be airplanes with wet landing gear right now. And I put it in quotes because he had to go in this morning to get computers off the ground of his first-floor office and is now on his way home. It's 3:30. But he doesn't have to go in tomorrow, either. I heart bonus days.

2. We have a leaky roof riiiiiiight over the kitchen table.

3. Home warranties are a really good thing.

4. My kids sleep later when the sun is nowhere to be seen.

5. Days like today confirm how much I love the drop-off system at Wyatt's school. No getting wet for us!

6. The public schools around here might be trying to make up for last year's missed call - they cancelled school in anticipation of a snowstorm that never arrived - by staying open today when every other district in the surrounding area is closed. Hmmmm....perhaps someone should tell them that two wrongs don't make a right!

7. I am very thankful for my garage parking spot.

8. I'm glad there are leftovers from the coffee I hosted on Tuesday - no trips to the grocery store!

9. All this rain makes me want to curl up with a book and some hot tea.

10. Leaves are stubborn. The wind has been gusting to 45 mph for 24 hours yet still there are many leaves holding tight, surely waiting to drop until after we've raked up what's out in the yard right now.

11. Millie's nine years of being housebroken goes out the window when it's like this. She dashes out quickly - if at all - and apparently accomplishes nothing in those outings. I know that because of the 'treat' she left for me on the rug right inside the front door this morning.

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