Friday, November 06, 2009

You Know What they Say...

One of Wyatt's favorite new things is to have us cuddle with him before bed. Truthfully, Jeff started it and I think it was born of Jeff's crazy schedule making it so that many nights he wasn't really home before bedtime. Anyway, tonight I put the young man to bed and he requested a cuddle. So we did. We lay there chatting and I asked him if he thought he would have kids when he grows up. He said he would, so I asked how many. And he held up three fingers.

"Three?" I asked.
"Yes," he replied.
"Well do you think we should have three kids?"
"Yes, I do," he said.
"Really? You want another baby in this house?"
"No, Mommy," as if that was the craziest thing I could've said. "Just Isaac!"

I'm telling you, my heart is already aching for my little boy who has no idea that his best friend won't always live within walking distance. I guess for Wyatt, friends really are the family you'd choose for yourself.


Rife Wife said...

Oh that is sweet Wyatt! We, too, are dreading the day we can't just call you all and do something! We're going to have to line up an assignment again someday!

Adrienne said...

Amen to that Wyatt! Love you guys!