Friday, February 05, 2010

Making up for January

It would seem I'm a little behind in the blogging. No great surprise since we spent two weeks in Kansas playing, playing, playing with cousins. In truth, there was a little arguing thrown in and Natalie didn't do so much playing as she did wooing - that girl spent her time figuring out how to get Uncle Mark's attention. Through sheer tenacity, she accomplished her goal and he held her more than once (including a time that she was super-snotty and that's really something!).

Natalie mastered many tricks in those fourteen days including her own version of peek-a-boo (smack yourself on the side of your head and you've got it down pat); throwing a wave at the top of the stairs in case there was someone in the office; balancing foam blocks on her head to entertain her cousins;  four-wheel crawling over crossbars under tables or across anyone/anything in her way; wrapping Grandpa around her finger; amusing everyone with her two-fisted eating; and lots of cruising interrupted by a few instances of just standing on her own until she realized what she was up to.

Wyatt spent his time: playing basketball in the basement; recruiting others (including Great-Grandma) to play basketball in the basement; going to a basketball game with Grandpa at Allen Fieldhouse where he met the Jayhawk and got a new basketball jersey; asking to see Mt. Oread; pointing out every single Jayhawk in Lawrence (hint: there are approximately a kajillion); playing football and begging his cousins to loan him a helmet; playing post office with Thomas and Andrew; playing in the snow with Grandma, Uncle Leon and his cousins; playing, playing, playing, and playing.

We had a great time and the kids did remarkably well on the flights. As it turned out, Grandpa Rock was in the Atlanta airport at precisely the same time we were on our way to Kansas and it was awesome to have loving hands help us get from one terminal to the other. Wyatt thought it was great to see him but didn't grasp how very odd it was for us to all be there at the same time, considering we hadn't planned it at all. Wyatt just wanted to know where Grandma was. On our trip back, Grandma Schmidt travelled with us and then stayed in Virginia for a few days. We had her all set up to do some babysitting for us over the weekend but our plans changed dramatically when eight inches of snow fell in as many hours.

Trust me when I tell you that this part of the country is stymied by this much snow. Flights were cancelled for two days (Mom stayed an extra day courtesy of Mother Nature) and school was cancelled for three days, even though the snow fell on Saturday. So now we're just hanging out, figuring out how to just be 'us' during the day.

Pictures to prove we still exist:


Susan said...

I love, love, love the pic of Andrew and Natalie with blocks on their heads while Thomas and Wyatt watch. Hilarious. I also, of course, love the one where I'm holding her because she's a delight to hold for sure. We miss you!

Susan said...

p.s. I just looked through these pics again. It's funny to me that you found all those pics of Natalie wearing a barrette when it's usually such a fleeting thing and of Wyatt NOT wearing his red Nike "helmet" because I feel like he sported that a lot!

Rife Wife said...

Looks like a fun time with cousins! I love all these pics. Especially the one of just Natalie (close up) and the one of your sister and her...precious!!!

Christy Baroni said...

Your pics are amazing! I'm sure you have a talent for this but am also wondering what type of camera you use?