Monday, February 08, 2010

It's Monday

Natalie gagged in her bed early this morning, necessitating a bath and new sheets. About ten minutes later, Wyatt's pull-up failed, necessitating new sheets and a prompt change of clothes. And then, during breakfast, Wyatt informed me that a crab as big as our house was eating him.

And then he was silent for a solid 20 minutes.

Perhaps his daddy and I begged Mr. Crab to spit him out a little too much because now he's speaking again and that was probably our quiet time allotment for the entire week. And now Natalie's in prime form, clearing off her shelf in the pantry, gnawing on a jello box.

But surely this is how weeks begin all across the country, right?

1 comment:

The Blake Family said...

Yes, and if I am "lucky" they continue this way...or at least they seem like they do sometimes!