Sunday, February 07, 2010

Random Highlights

1. Taking Wyatt to school when they didn't have school. Silly me, thinking that since the snow was three days old and roads were clear they would actually have classes.

2. Telling Wyatt on the way home from that outing that maybe he should trade me in for a mom who pays better attention to what's going on, only for him to say he wouldn't trade me for another mom. Wasn't that sweet?

3. Yes, it was, until he paused (with great comedic timing) and said, "but I do really like Kristen."

4. Listening to Wyatt very politely ask, "may I have a yellow balloon, please?" at Trader Joe's and then watching him nicely entertain Natalie with it for a solid hour afterward.

5. Wyatt hitting his head while playing basketball and, when he finally stops crying, telling me that a Missouri Tiger fouled him.

6. Going to a birthday party at the paint-your-own-pottery place; Wyatt loving every second of it. While we were there, I suggested that if he wanted all the colors to show up, maybe he should pick a spot for each of them on his plate instead of mixing them all together. He looked at me with all seriousness and said, "or, Mommy, I can just smush them all together and then we will give it to them and they will bake it and when we come back to get it, it will be really pretty!"

7. Hearing Wyatt tell the birthday girl, while every child is concentrating on his or her best painting, "Julie, you have a very pretty bow in your hair!"

8. Natalie eating 75% of my chicken tamale for dinner last night (plus some refried beans and a yogurt, like they were just side dishes).

9. Watching Natalie 'dance' while Wyatt rocks out on his electric guitar, then watching her speed-crawl to the drums to add her own beat to the mix.

10. Wyatt running around in his new undies that have guitars all over them, insisting that they are in fact violins.

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