Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Just like the change of address cards that I never got around to sending (they were joined with my Merry Christmas cards in my mind, so that explains why you got neither, right?), my new year's resolutions are about to become spring solstice resolutions. But, because I want to become someone who is ahead of the curve, I'll go ahead and post them now.

1. Instead of thinking writing a blog post in my head, I will write it on the computer and actually publish it. This is not because I think any of you are withering away without my inane stories, but rather because I see life flying by and realize I'm doing a really poor job of documenting it.

2. I will actually use one of my three pretty great cameras to take real pictures of people and things in my life.

3. I will stop thinking about what I'm going to be when I grow up and just be who I am right now. This one, my friends, is an uphill battle of epic proportions for me.

4. I will continue to exercise every day, or at least most days, so that when I go back for my follow-up health assessment at the fancy Army clinic, I will no longer be disgruntled with one particular component of overall health. (Spoiler: I'm doing just fine according to most standard measurements, but have the flexibility of a 70-year old and just enough body fat that I was termed a "fit fatty." Humbling. I will become a fit fitty, I will become a fit fitty, I will become a fit fitty….)

5. I will be patient with Natalie, even though the only volume she has right now is LOUD, which is often accompanied by a side of SHRIEKING with a dash of gonna throw a fit.

6. I will be patient with Wyatt, even though he asks me every day what our surprise is for the day. More importantly, I will resist the urge to say, "SURPRISE! There's no surprise again today."

7. I will be patient when my kids' sicknesses ruin my weekend plans because, hello, it could be so much worse.

8. I will be brave enough to leave my kids with a new sitter, even if she isn't as fantastic as our sitters we left behind.

9. I will suppress the urge to fix this house just the way I want it, since we're nearly 20% through our time here.

10. I will continue to book my weekends to their max because we are nearly 20% through our time here.

11. I will finish converting this blog's Japan years to a book (a project I started over a year ago, I think) so that I can then convert the Virginia years, so that I can then convert the Kansas year. Upside? My blogging has diminished (in quality and quantity) greatly, so each book should get progressively easier. Perhaps I should rethink number 1.


Steph said...

Isn't it crazy how quickly time flies when you only have a year? We've spent our weekends "getting settled" into this house and making it just so instead of just making the most of our time in this area. I mentioned to Jeff two weeks ago that we should start doing stuff since we only have, holy crap, 5 more months left!! Glad we spent 7 months not being settled yet.

And by the way, I refuse to believe you are even remotely fit fatty.

Darling's said...

"Fit Fatty"?! WAY OFF!! Keep up your resolutions, but do not let them get you down either. Our lives are too busy to worry about what we 'should' be doing! Glad you are taking advantage of your time- we miss you!

Jennie said...

Fit Fatty? Seriously? You are doing awesome my friend and I miss you around here with your funny stories and kids antics. Only you can relate to my struggles with Carter.

Leslie said...

I'm really excited about the promise of more blog posts. You're quite witty, you know :)

Fit Fatty? The Army is harsh! Maybe I will rethink my plans of switching over to the nearby Army clinic. If you're fit fatty....good grief. What about the rest of us???

Susan said...

TWENTY PERCENT!? Let's not do that, could we? I feel like I've only seen you all about three times since January 1. My heart can't take TWENTY PERCENT.