Thursday, February 24, 2011


We've been attempting to keep kids well and we're failing miserably. Natalie was sick last week (it's amazing how many plans one sick 23-month old can cancel) and is still trying to get back to normal and then in the last couple days, Wyatt's taken his turn at feeling crummy.

Natalie was really down for the count for a few days, which made me realize how different life would be if I had much less spirited children. It would be so dull! But we did enjoy all the cuddles and it makes me feel like I know what I'm doing when I can console a sick child. I'm so thankful that this is really the first time we've battled a drawn-out stomach bug and that (all things being relative) my kids are so healthy. Natalie was quick to figure out how to aim for a trash can or bowl if she felt sick, although I failed her by taking her to the grocery store before she was well. My mistake - and the puke in the produce aisle proved it. I was pretty mortified as I called to a guy in uniform saying, "I'm so sorry! She's sick!" as I hustled her out the door. Thank goodness she missed the canteloupes; it was a close call and then I would've felt really bad! (Would I have needed to pay for all those unsellable canteloupes?) I stripped her clothes off of her in the parking lot, wiped us off and got us home yet all along I was thinking about how glad I was my hair was curly and in a ponytail; I'm desperately hoping no one will recognize us as that family. All of this has translated to a lot of time right here in our four walls with all of us attempting to remain sane. The kids might be faring better than I am and all of us are spending a lot of time in our pajamas.

We've painted:

It's an F-15, but I bet you already knew that.

Natalie's first attempt at watercolors; she was pretty focused but maybe that's because she was also pretty sick.

Admiring another presentation by Wyatt.

It's a "circle rainbow" but maybe you knew that, too. I'm not so quick and had to be told.

and there's also been a lot of silly playing:

It's all airplanes...
…all the time.

Lastly, I'd like to show you domestic bliss:

Not a pretty sight, except for the part where three pillows fit across our new king size bed. On the advice of just about all of our friends, we've finally taken the plunge and purchased and additional sixteen inches of nocturnal real estate. The pillow count is critical since Jeff, in recent years, has decided he likes to sleep between pillows and I, in recent years, have decided I might go completely crazy if someone breathes on my face. It was a problem. The salesman told Jeff it's the first step to having separate beds; I say it's the first step to me feeling rested for the first time in years.


Steph said...

Oh where to start? First off, your kids are a-dor-a-ble. If Natalie gets any cuter with her cheeks and pouty lips, I may have to go to Kansas just to squeeze her.

Second, at first I thought the painting was of a man upside down? But once I read F-15, I was like "of course!" I totally see it.

Finally, ohhhhhhh a king-size bed; I daydream of the day. We actually mention it quite often and usually involves me saying "Oh, I can't wait to be able to sleep without you touching me at all," followed with some dreamy sighs.

Hope everyone is on the up-n-up soon! We're feeling it here as well.

Leslie said...

Stomach bugs are the worst! I hope everyone is 100% soon!

King size bed. That's the first thing we bought when I was pregnant with Michael!

Heather and Scott said...

Your kids are too cute! Love them! And we got a king size bed when we moved here...I thought it was over the top, but Scott was insistent. Now when we sleep in anything smaller it feels SUPER small!