Thursday, March 03, 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

Natalie loves to sit on the bathroom counter while I get ready (she's been doing this for months - wonder when she'll be less interested?) and now opens the top drawer to get out the jar of "ip suff!" a.k.a. lip stuff. Last week she took the lid off of that, and the lid off my eye cream and jammed the eye cream lid inside the other container. After a lot of, "uh oh!" and "fix it!" comments, I took it from her and tried to extricate the smaller lid from inside the pot of sticky stuff, to no avail. Frustrated, I said, "Oh, Natalie!" to which she responded - without missing a beat - "Oh, Mommy!"


Wyatt was watching a new YouTube airplane video and he said, "Mommy, it's a Mig!" I replied in my normal, interested way, "oh good!" and then all of a sudden he jumped up and said, "Mommy! It's a whole flock of Migs!" That, of course, made me laugh.


Wyatt has just started swimming lessons again. Today was his second day and, just like Tuesday, he was freezing the moment he entered the pool. So as Natalie and I watched from the observation room, I said, "poor baby, he's so cold!" So for the rest of the day today, anytime we mentioned swimming (as I wrapped him up post-lesson, in the car on the way home, at dinner with Daddy), Natalie would say, "poh beebee, code!" Yes, the poor baby was cold.

Also a result of swimming? It cannot be discussed without Natalie mentioning "abby, wawa" because Wyatt's teacher, in the water? Her name is Abby.


And for those of you wishing for a dainty girl (you know who you are): Natalie thinks burping is hilarious and always, always, always follows a burp with a, "scyu meee…..ribbit!" That's right, she thinks she's a frog.

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