Monday, March 07, 2011

Let's Not

While eating breakfast this morning, Wyatt said, "Mom? Will you cut these out? I'd like to go there." So I turned around in my pre-coffee haze to see him holding yesterday's coupons.

"Go where?" I asked, hoping that I didn't see what I thought I did.

"To Chuck E. Cheese, Mom. Can we go?"

Thinking quickly, because I kid you not this exact scenario had crossed my mind when I looked through the coupons yesterday, I said, "Oh, sweetie, there isn't a Chuck E. Cheese here." And at that point I was secretly praising small-town living. It has its upsides!

"But Mom, there has to be one around here somewhere. Maybe in Kansas City? Could we go to that one?"

"Well, probably not before those coupons expire," I replied, thinking that was another point to me.

"Aww, Mom…" he said, in that voice that makes me feel just a teeny bit mean for being so down on the germ pit.

So I conceded, "but I'll remember it's something you'd like to do someday."

"Great! Let's put it on our life list!"


Mark Henderson said...

Just 30 minutes away...
9196 N. Skyview Avenue Kansas City, MO 64154
Enjoy lunch.

Heather and Scott said...

Life list...too funny. :) That kid makes me smile :)

Darling's said...

I have yet to venture there....I am anxiously dreading the moment Miss A finds out about the crazy happy place for kids and asks to go! Good thinking on your toes!! That list, HA! We are writing out list for school and Kansas is in the running....what are your pro's and con's so far??

Ade said...

Jack wants to have his birthday party there....Ugh!

Susan said...

Tell W that Uncle Mark will take him.

SStites said...

Your comebacks rank right up there with when I had our twins brainwashed into thinking the Good Humor Man who drove his music spewing truck past our house at least once daily for years was actually the garbage man. That came to an end when they began calling out in loud, stereophonic sound, "Hi, Garbage Man". . .and he HEARD them! I was shamed into forking over quarters for ice cream! The pitfalls of parenthood!