Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yep, They're Mine

The kids and I just had a very exciting morning out - Target, Chick-fil-a and Costco! I know, we are pretty wild and crazy. In all honesty, we used to see the insides of those stores with alarming regularity since they were all within eight minutes of our house but now it takes a little more planning and a lot more empty shelves/refrigerator to require the 30 minute trip. Anyway, we had a grand time.

I was really proud of my cherubs for proclaiming their love for Target while we were there and that Natalie kept asking if we were still going to Costco. I liked that they both ate great lunches (in their carseats, that's how we roll) and that Natalie ate her fruit and nuggets, then asked for more nuggets. You know, because a four piece kids' order isn't enough for my dainty flower. I was thrilled that Wyatt actually ate all of his, too, because he's really interested in anything other than eating lately. And then they both had a ham chaser with a side of cheese-filled breadstick and naked smoothie samples at Costco. After four hours out and about, you'd think they'd be pretty ready to come home, but you'd be wrong.

Natalie threw an all out fit that we weren't going back to Target. At first I couldn't understand what she was asking for, but Wyatt translated and she confirmed it. She wanted to go back and screamed bloody murder when I told her we couldn't. "Whyyyyyyyyyyy?", she said in a high-pitched wail. So I told her they have a rule you can only go once a day. She was not dissuaded. So finally I asked her if she really likes Target that much. Of course she said yes, and Wyatt piped up that he likes it, too. In an effort to amuse myself, I asked if she likes TJ Maxx that much, too. She said yes (of course) and Wyatt said, "great idea, Mom! We haven't been there for ages!"

Hahahahaha. This is what happens when Jeff leaves me home to supervise the raising of our kids!


Darling's said...

Ahhhh, 3 of our favorite stores as well!! When we start walking into Target, Miss A yells....:There's the BIG RED BALLS Mom!!".....yep, you are right! Glad you are able to still indulge in your small town shopping even if it is a little way to drive!!

kristen said...

Shopping stories are the best. Ang Bryce also loves the big red balls and tries and tries to push them :)

Drove the hr to our Target with friends and 3 two yr olds...we pulled into the parking lot and they all cheered YEAH Target.

Steph Bryce eats lunch at least once if not twice a week in a shopping cart :)