Monday, May 30, 2011

Kickin' in California

I'm learning the lingo from my nephews :) We're having a grand time with Jeff's sister and her family; the boys are so sweet with our kids and my kids are so enamored with their older cousins. Aunt Aimee and Uncle Joel are pretty darn cool, too.

We're at the beach for one more day and then heading off to SeaWorld. Yesterday was a little cool for the coast so we spent our morning browsing in boutiques (me & Aimee), skating (Matt & Kyle) and wandering the farmers market (Joel, Jeff, Wyatt & Nat). It's all good and we have pictures to prove it:

Wyatt learning all about the iPod touch from Matt

turns out she's more than willing to pose for Aunt Aimee

please study this action shot: Natalie soaring and Kyle with
perfect aim from the water gun. She saw this picture this morning and
said, "More!" along with signing. This girl loves an adrenaline rush.

water + gun = happy Wyatt. Aunt Aimee knows what makes
little boys happy!

strolling on the pier 

Wyatt and the big boys - he just wants to be with them all the time

Today's looking like a perfect beach day and I'm really hoping that it will elicit a few more one-liners from Matt. Last night's favorites:

1. Regarding Jeff's otterbox on his iPhone: "Uncle Jeff's phone is ready for World War III"!

2. And after Natalie had a complete meltdown about something at the table, "Geez! Natalie has high standards!"

He's a funny one and we're having a great time. Can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds!

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Ade said...

So glad you are having so much fun! I meant to call you before you left and I got sucked into our out of town prep work! Give the Lewis family our best! See you when you get back!